Cuba Conga, The Underground Travel Guide

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It is the most insightful travel guide about Cuba we know. Two men that wish to stay anonymous to be able to tell the truth like they see it wrote it. They keep it up to date every year so there is no risk of out-dated information. Things change quickly in Cuba right now.

Thanks to that anonymity they can do what no other travel guide or blog can say and they are very sharp.  They present you with very clear advice on how to manoeuvre the minefield that can become Cuba.

Get the right information about Cuba

Most information on the web is written from a commercial or political perspective. CubaConga is not. It’s raw, realistic en right on the mark.

To sorts of people return home from Cuba. The first half is disappointed and had a terrible time. The second half enjoyed it so much they want to return right away.  CubaConga really helps you to become part of the second group!

Cuba is different

Cuba is more than just another big Key in the sun. Everything is totally different than our Western experiences lead us to believe.  CubaConga turns your Cuba trip into a game were you will learn the rules from the book and the skills by playing it. And the game is fun!

Read it and play the game

We recommend CubaConga to everybody that wants to make a more Cuban experience of his or her trip and consider it almost obligatory for every adventurous traveller!

You can order it HERE.  It’s cheap and has a money back guarantee. We don’t think you will ask for that because you will see it will change your perspective!


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